Why Parking Lot Striping is So Important


Learn why parking lot striping is so important.

One of the most recognizable features of every parking lot is the striping. When we drive onto a parking lot, the striping gives us direction and shows us where to park. For pedestrians, it makes it a lot easier for people to walk safely to their destinations. It’s a factor that most of us probably take for granted but would definitely notice if they were missing. Read on to learn more about why parking lot striping is so important.

The Safety Factor

One of the reasons why striping is so essential is the safety factor. Striping not only includes the lines for parking spaces but it also contains arrows that help control the flow and direction of traffic, lines for stopping, and pedestrian walkways. Without those lines, both drivers and people walking will create their own systems of travel, which is dangerous for everyone in the vicinity. The lot striping creates a clear system that keeps both drivers and pedestrians safely away from each other.

More Parking Spaces

When parking spaces are clearly marked, it allows property owners and managers the ability to maximize the space of the parking lot. It will ensure that the maximum number of cars and trucks will be able to park in the lot safely. Furthermore, lot striping ensures that handicapped people have access to those spots designated for them, with direct access to the building. In fact, the American Disabilities Act requires your lot to have these spaces clearly marked and accessible.  

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Think of your experience as a driver or pedestrian when traveling through asphalt parking lot. You start to form opinions about the business itself if the parking lot is not well maintained with easily visible lot striping. They enhance the curb appeal of the lot and make it look better managed. Constant exposure to the sun and other elements will cause the stripes to fade over time. Consistent driving and braking will also cause the lines to appear dull with marks and other debris. Therefore, the striping should be reapplied and protected with sealcoating.

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