Protecting Your Parking Lot From Sun Damage

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Learn how to protect your parking lot from sun damage.

Did you know that the sun is strong enough to damage your parking lot? While we all know that the sun can have a lot of different harmful effects on both us humans and our possessions, it’s sometimes hard to remember that it is an incredibly powerful force. The rays of the sun can affect even the most stalwart seeming objects, like parking lots. The effects of sun damage can go unnoticed for a considerable amount of time, but they shouldn’t be ignored. When affected by long term UV ray exposure, your parking lot will gradually lose its color, but more importantly, it will lose its durability as well. If you are beginning to notice that the texture of your parking lot has changed and it seems to be getting more cracks than usual, it may be time to take action.

The Effects of Sun Damage

When you’re looking for the effects of the sun on your parking lot, there are several distinct signs you can be on the hunt for. To start, consider that when the sun is at its peak, asphalt temperatures can skyrocket to over 150º. Not only do these high temperatures pose a threat to the tires or cars and the feet of your guests, but they can cause a break down of your parking lots durability as well. When UV rays mix with the oxygen, they can form a unique chemical bond that results in a break down of what holds your pavement together. Over time this results in visible cracks and deterioration to the surface of your parking lot.

Preventative Measures

Adding a seal coating to your parking lot is similar to how we use sunscreen. Seal coats are made with the addition of anti-oxidizing additives that help to protect your parking lot from the effects of the sun. Taking proactive steps to protect your parking lot will help it last for as long as possible while remaining in the best condition.

Maintenance You Can Trust from PTG Enterprises

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