Signs Your Asphalt Parking Lot Needs Repairs

Parking Lot Repair

Learn about the signs that mean your asphalt parking lot needs repairs.

Asphalt repair is an important part of your property’s maintenance plan. After all, cracking, uneven surfaces and other damages to asphalt can cause safety issues or even damage the vehicles that use your parking lot. Making sure your parking lot is well-maintained can help you avoid trickier, more expensive repairs down the road, in addition to preventing safety issues. It’s a good idea to tackle preventative maintenance on a regular basis to prevent persistent issues with your asphalt parking lot, but there is plenty of regular wear and tear that can require repairs as well. Here are some of the biggest signs that your asphalt parking lot may be in need of repairs.

Asphalt Cracks

Cracking is some of the most common damage that occurs with asphalt parking lots. In fact, they’re practically unavoidable. Between underlying base issues, age, and the freeze/thaw cycle that can worsen problems with your asphalt over the winter, cracks can get worse over time. But it’s important to note cracks in order to have them repaired by either getting them hot crack filled or in worse cases, patched to keep your asphalt parking lot functional and safe. After all, cracks left unattended can grow and cause trip and fall hazards. Some may even grow large enough to cause damage to vehicles in your lot.

Drainage Issues

Another problem to look for with your parking lot is an uneven surface. Buckling and warping can cause your driveway to become bumpy. This can even result in drainage issues that can cause larger problems for you down the road. On top of cracking and warping, drainage issues can cause serious structural problems with your driveway. Avoid huge, costly repairs by looking for early signs of warping and an uneven surface. The right pavement professional will be able to help you address these issues and keep your parking lot well-maintained.


One of the easiest signs to spot when it comes to asphalt parking lot repairs is faded paint or discoloration. It may seem like more of an aesthetic fix, but keeping your parking lot well-maintained includes keeping up on appearances and giving it a curb appeal. Sealcoating can help your driveway look brand new after years of fading in the sun, and a fresh coat of paint can help reinvigorate your lot while keeping you compliant with parking and traffic regulations. Be sure to inspect your parking lot thoroughly, especially at the changing of the seasons, to make sure your asphalt is in good shape and looking good as new.

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