5 Ways To Improve Your Asphalt Parking Lot

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Learn about five ways to improve your asphalt parking lot.

Every parking lot needs regular maintenance and repairs to ensure it remains in good condition for a long time. Your commercial parking lot is the first thing a customer sees, and you want them to have a good first impression. A parking lot full of potholes and cracks not only makes your business look bad, but it is also dangerous for those driving and walking in the lot. Continue reading for four ways to improve your asphalt parking lot to ensure it is in great condition!

Fill In Cracks

It’s crucial to be proactive about parking lot maintenance, as cracks can quickly get worse and result in expensive repairs. Take the time to regularly inspect the pavement and make a note of any cracks. Even if you find a minor crack less than two inches wide, take note and repair them when possible. Bigger cracks will get worse over time due to weather conditions, so those should be fixed as quickly as you can.


A safe parking lot requires sufficient lighting, so it’s essential to keep your parking lot completely visible. One dark area in a parking lot can put customers in danger, as predators and thieves look for spaces with dim lighting to attack victims. Keep your parking lot well-lit and secure so that your customers feel safe while on your property.

Discard Debris

A dirty parking lot sends a bad message to your customers, so be sure to perform regular sweeps to discard debris and trash. It helps to install a few trash cans throughout the lot, as customers will be more willing to throw their trash away if it is convenient for them.

Handicap Parking

Your parking lot should be ADA compliant and contain plenty of accessible parking spaces. To know how many accessible parking spaces are required in your parking lot, count the total number of spaces. An average parking lot with 26-50 spaces is required to have at least two accessible parking spaces, while a parking lot with 51-75 spaces requires three, a lot with 76-100 spaces requires four, and so on. You should also have a ramp to your building for handicap accessibility.


Every two or three years, you should seal your parking lot to ensure the asphalt lasts as long as possible. Sealcoating helps to extend the life of the pavement, prevent damage and cracks, and improves the appearance of the parking lot. After sealing the lot, you should also repaint the lines to make the lot a safe place for drivers and pedestrians.

Need Help With Parking Lot Maintenance? PTG Enterprises Can Help!

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