How Parking Lot Striping Adds Instant Curb Appeal

Learn how parking lot striping adds instant curb appeal for your property.

Learn how parking lot striping adds instant curb appeal for your property.

Parking lot striping is an essential step for every property manager, as a striped parking lot increases safety and adds curb appeal to your business. A parking lot is the first thing customers notice as they arrive at your property, and a well stripped and maintained parking lot makes a great first impression.

How Often To Re-stripe

Not striping a parking lot is a bad business decision, as striping increases safety by clearly marking parking spots, traffic flow, pedestrian walkways, and fire lanes. To keep your parking lot as safe as possible, it should be maintained and re-striped more than once. Every parking lot is different, as the amount of times a lot needs to be re-striped depends on the amount of traffic it receives and the climate in your location. For example, a business shopping mall usually has a lot of traffic and will have more wear and tear than a small business parking lot mainly used by employees. Parking lots with heavy traffic should be re-striped annually, while areas with less traffic can last up to two years.

However, the climate will also affect how often you should re-stripe your lot. Parking lots in cold climates tend to need more maintenance than moderate climates, as the salt used for snow and ice degrades the paint quickly. Very warm climates may also need to re-stripe more often, as excessive heat and rain can also damage paint.

Inexpensive Curb Appeal

When approaching a new business, a parking lot can make or break a customer’s decision to enter the building. If the parking lot is confusing, full of potholes, or has very small parking spaces that may result in a car getting a dent, the customer is not likely to choose to do business with that store or company. A well-striped parking lot is an inexpensive way to make a great first impression on customers, as they will take notice that you care how your business presents itself to the world. A neglected parking lot with faded lines and potholes shows customers that the business owner or property manager doesn’t take pride in their workplace. Many people see a parking lot as an extension of the business, and therefore expect cleanliness and effort into keeping it maintained.

Need Help with Parking Lot Maintenance? PTG Enterprises Can Help!

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