How Much Damage Can Potholes Do to Vehicles?

Potholes can do more damage to your car than you may think.

Potholes can do more damage to your car than you may think.

When you drive over a pothole, you can feel the jolt of the bump from your tires and up to your seats. You imagine the type of damage that these harsh road elements can have on your car and the expensive costs of repairing this damage. To have a better idea of what you may be facing, here is a breakdown of the type of damage that can occur from driving into potholes.


Of course, the first element of your vehicle that makes contact with a pothole is the tires. When you unexpectedly drive into a pothole that you can’t avoid, it can cause sidewall bulges, tread separation, and even flat tires. When the hard, jagged edges of potholes meet your rubber tires, they compress against the tire on impact, which can slice the rubber or even snap the belts. Be sure that if you’ve recently driven over a pothole, to keep an eye on your tires over the next few days to ensure that they are still in good condition.  


Your vehicle’s suspension is the component that gives you that smooth ride you enjoy, up until you encounter the pothole. After hitting the harshness of a pothole, your suspension can be negatively impacted by causing misalignment, broken ball joints, or even damaged socks and struts. If you experience any unusual sounds or vibrations, it could be an indication that there is suspension damage in your vehicle.   


Deep potholes can cause the undercarriage of your car to bottom out and scrape against the pavement. This can cause dents or even holes in the exhaust pipes, muffler, or catalytic converter. You’ll be able to tell if your vehicle has suffered from this type of damage if you experience unusual sounds, loss of power, or if you see any scrapes or holes in your exhaust.


Lower cars are at a higher risk of pothole damage. Sports cars have to be that much more careful to avoid body damage from potholes. You’ll see scrapes and paint damage on your bumpers from encountering the hard, jagged edges of potholes. Although it usually won’t affect the performance of your car, these marks are unsightly and will cost money to restore the look of your vehicle.

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