How Often You Should Restripe Your Facility’s Parking Lot

restripe your facility's parking lot with bright paint

Learn why and when you should restripe your facility’s parking lot.

Business owners may underestimate the maintenance and upkeep required to keep their business running smoothly and remaining attractive to customers. Besides the obvious factors that are necessary for maintaining a business such as rent, employee wages, taxes, and inventory, taking care to maintain your business’s parking lot is just as essential. Understanding the reasons why striping your parking lot is important, as well as when to restripe your facility’s parking lot, will help you maintain this critical part of a well-run business. 

Why Effective Parking Lot Striping is Necessary

Striping Keeps People Safe

Bright parking lot striping is essential because it dictates where cars traveling through the lot should travel, park, and look for pedestrians. When the striping begins to fade, confusion can ensue and make parking lots dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. 

Looks Matter

It is also vital to restripe your facility’s parking lot to maintain the appearance of your business’s property. Studies have shown that the majority of customers will develop a negative opinion based on things like dirty floors, dustiness, and window smudges when visiting a business. If your parking lot is in disarray and uncared for, customers will notice and develop a negative impression of the quality of your business. 

When to Restripe Your Facility’s Parking Lot

The conditions that affect your parking lot vary from business to business. Generally, however, three factors help determine the best time to restripe your facility’s parking lot. 


If you get heavy vehicle traffic, you will need annual restriping to keep the lines bright, safe, and appealing. If your lot has significantly less traffic, you may be able to wait at least 24 months before restriping. 


Sunlight, excessive heat, precipitation, and rainwater runoff all do damage to the striping of a parking lot. In the areas in which PTG Enterprises service, parking lots experience a wide range of hot summers and cold winters. After particularly strong seasons, it’s useful to do a visual inspection of your lot to assess the need for restriping. 

Redesign and Noncompliance

Any time you want to change the traffic patterns or purpose of your parking lot, you will need to restripe. Adding or removing parking spots, changing their orientation, or adding a drive-thru will all require you to restripe your facility’s parking lot. 

If you need to adjust to changes in local, state, or federal laws on parking lots, garages, and accessibility, you will need to restripe your parking lot as soon as possible. 

Maintenance You Can Trust from PTG Enterprises

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