Tips for Safe Winter Driving

safe winter driving on a snow covered road

Follow these tips for safe winter driving this year.

As the temperatures turn colder and snow starts to fall, the dangers of driving on pavement covered in ice and snow increase. However, there are always a few tasks you can do to play your part in keeping drivers safe on the road. PTG Enterprises would like to remind our customers of the essential tips for staying safe this winter season. Read on for the recommended safety tips for your car’s safe winter driving this year. 

Winterize Your Car 

Before winter weather hits, make sure your car is up-to-date. Keep your fuel tank half full, especially before a long trip. Make sure that your oil has been changed and that other fluids in your car have been topped off. 

Make Sure Tires Are Properly Inflated for Safe Winter Driving

You don’t want to get stranded in the cold with a flat tire. Be sure your tires are properly inflated, as the tire pressure can fluctuate with temperature changes. You could also buy “snow tires” which provide more traction in snow, slush, and ice than all-season tires.

Remember the Basic Safety Rules

You can promote safe winter driving by remembering basic safety rules. First, drive slow when the snow starts to fall. Second, wear your seat belt! If you are in a collision, your seat belt could save your life. 

Accelerate and Decelerate Slowly

If you accelerate or brake hard while driving in snow, your car can lose traction and control. Stay calm and slowly accelerate and decelerate to ensure safe winter driving. Additionally, steer smoothly and avoid jerky movements. Safe winter driving includes movements that are deliberate, gentle, and gradual. 

3-4 Second Rule

Stay three to four seconds behind the person in front of you. While driving in snow and ice, this should be increased to six to eight seconds. 

Stay Alert!

As always, safe driving means staying alert and removing distractions. Pay attention to your surroundings to be alert to any dangerous areas. Look ahead as you drive to spot any upcoming turns or icy areas. 

No Cruise Control

Using cruise control while driving in snowy or icy conditions can quickly lead to an accident. Keep your cruise control off for safe winter driving. 

Plan Your Route

Checking the weather ahead of your trip can save you some trouble while out on the road. Additionally, mapping out your route before you leave will help you be even more prepared for the conditions you may encounter. 

Have an Emergency Kit

Have a winter emergency kit in your car to help you be prepared in case of a breakdown or unforeseen event. This kit can include an ice scraper, a blanket, kitty litter for tire traction, road flares, a flashlight, jumper cables, a first aid kit, a map, and spare tools. 

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