Sealcoating: Protecting Your Asphalt Pavement from Water Infiltration

PTG Enterprises is a full service commercial asphalt contractor in the Baltimore, Maryland area. We have been in the asphalt paving business for more than a decade, paving thousands of miles of asphalt lots during that time. And while asphalt may seem tough and durable, the effects of traffic and the elements take their toll, slowly breaking down the pavement over time. This is why Sealcoating is so important. Contrary to popular belief, sealcoating does a lot more than give your asphalt parking lot add aesthetic appeal.

Protecting Your Asphalt Pavement

Sealcoating: Protecting Your Asphalt Pavement from Water Infiltration

The biggest benefit of sealcoating is its ability to protect your parking lot or other asphalt surface from water infiltration. When water finds its way into the cracks and crevices in the surface of your asphalt, it works its way to the base, slowly eroding your parking lot from beneath. The end results are cracks, pot holes, and, eventually, premature pavement failure.

Sealcoating, which is essentially a thin liquid layer added over a paved surface, is designed to block water infiltration, protecting your asphalt surface and extending its useful life.

Additional Benefits of Sealcoating

  1. Fresh sealcoating has several benefits that will help protect your asphalt. However, there is one benefit of sealcoating that has nothing to do with asphalt longevity: Aesthetics. Simply put, fresh sealcoating will make your asphalt look great, giving it a dark black color. Plus, sealcoating makes your asphalt much easier to clean, allowing you to keep your parking lot looking its best.
  2. Over exposure to oxygen will harden asphalt binders, resulting in brittle pavement prone to cracking. Sealcoating can help.
  3. Sealcoating will help keep small cracks and asphalt degradation from growing and causing premature failure.
  4. Sealcoating will help block harmful UV rays, which can damage your asphalt surface.
  5. Sealcoating will also help protect your asphalt from damaging chemicals, like gasoline and oil.
  6. Sealcoating costs pennies per square foot. Asphalt repairs cost dollars per square foot. Needless to say, it is far less expensive to sealcoat your parking lot every few years than it would be to overlay or completely replace your parking surface.

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