PTG Service Areas and the Types of Facilities We Serve

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Learn about the PTG service areas and the types of facilities we serve.

Since PTG Enterprises was founded in 2001, we have been dedicated to serving commercial clients with asphalt and concrete paving services. We serve various types of facilities, ranging from shopping centers to HOA and apartment communities. If you have a facility in need of paving services in Baltimore, Harford, Anne Arundel, Howard, and Prince George’s Counties, give us a call today!

Commercial and Shopping Centers

Parking lot maintenance is crucial for commercial properties, as potholes, cracks, and signage are required for keeping customers and employees safe. Don’t wait until your tenants or customers complain about the state of the parking lot or sidewalks to make changes- call PTG today for commercial paving services to ensure your pavement is always in great shape. PTG knows that commercial parking lots are very busy, and we carefully plan around peak business hours to ensure tenants can remain open.

Industrial and Business Parks

Industrial and business parks are typically large properties, and require many roads and sidewalks to be maintained and serviceable. PTG has worked with these complexes many times in the past, so we know of the unique challenges and how to complete services efficiently.

Office Buildings

PTG also has a lot of experience with office building parking lot sites, and know how to complete projects while ensuring businesses stay open during their normal hours. We always coordinate the scheduling of the project with property managers and business owners to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Facility Complexes

We know that building owners and property managers are always thinking of their customers, and we respect special requests involving work schedules, traffic patterns, signage, and timing issues. From our work with facility complexes like the National Institute of Health and Howard County Community College, we have experience with keeping customers happy and keeping managers up to date with every phase of the project.

Multi-Family Housing Associations

In multi-family homes, it can be a challenge to ensure the tenants, owners, property managers, and outside services are all accommodated. PTG knows this challenge, and has the experience needed to work closely with property managers and coordinate with contractors to get the job done efficiently.

Developers, Architects, and Engineers

Last but not least, we also work with architects and engineers to bring their visions to life. PTG isn’t just a paving company, we also install hardscapes, repair architectural elements, and are experts at various masonry jobs. To schedule a site visit or find more information about our services or the clients we serve, contact us today at 410-636-8777 or email us!

Maintenance You Can Trust from PTG Enterprises

If you want to protect your pavement and ensure it has a long lifespan, choose PTG Enterprises for your community sidewalks, parking lots and pavement maintenance needs. We offer commercial concrete, asphalt, masonry, paving, consultation and survey report services throughout Baltimore, Harford, Anne Arundel, Howard, and P.G. Counties. If you are interested in hearing how we can help you, contact us online or give us a call at (410) 636-8777. For more tips and tricks, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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