New ADA Standards Make Pavement Contractors Indispensable

Last week, we told you about Americans with Disabilities Act, Title III – the new ADA standards that guarantee persons with disabilities are provided accommodations and access equal to, or similar to, the general public into commercial facilities and areas of public accommodation. And last week, we told you how these new standards would affect business owners across the nation. Well, what about pavement contractors?

All signs point to the ADA standards as a bonus for the pavement maintenance industry. When business owners are faced with the challenge of complying with these new standards (a full list can be found at, whom do you think they will call?

Pavement Contractors!

These new ADA standards create a network of accessibility that leads from one requirement to the next with each stage having specific requirements that must be met. And like any government regulation, the new ADA Standards are complex and can, at times, be difficult to decipher. But this just means that pavement contractors will become increasingly indispensable to business owners everywhere as the nation strives to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act, Title III.

If you have any further questions about compliabnce with these new ADA standards, contact an experienced asphalt company today – a company like PTG Enterprises. The asphalt experts here have managed hundreds of pavement projects and have the experience you need. So contact PTG Enterprises aka My Pavement Guy today by calling 410-636-8777 or click here today!

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