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3 Types Of Pavement Rehabilitation

Monday, June 24th, 2019

Learn about three types of pavement rehabilitation.

Pavement is a considerable investment for any business, and it is one with a pretty finite lifespan. As soon as pavement is installed, the forces of nature start to work on breaking it down, even when the aggregate base is properly graded, and the pavement is properly installed. Routine maintenance plays a huge role in keeping the pavement usable for as long as possible, but eventually, it will reach a point where it no longer makes a difference. Pavement rehabilitation is a means to turn back the clock on that pavement lifecycle and extend the usable life of your pavement. If you’re interested in pavement rehabilitation, there are three types that you should be aware of. (more…)

Prepare for Spring with 5 Post-Winter Pavement Repairs

Monday, February 18th, 2019
Asphalt Installation

Learn how to prepare for spring with five post-winter pavement repairs.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on many parts of your property. The pipes, pavement, and other aspects can break down under the pressure, weight, and constant freezing and refreezing. Without the proper preventative measures and maintenance throughout the season, you could find a great deal of expensive damage that you’ll have to repair. Check out how you can prepare for spring with these five post-winter pavement repairs. (more…)

How To Repair A Sinkhole In Your Parking Lot

Friday, February 1st, 2019

Learn how to repair a sinkhole in your parking lot.

Your parking lot is an important, yet often overlooked, part of your business. It is a place where you can offer clients, customers, or employees a safe, hassle-free place to park when they visit. But sometimes, even our parking lots have issues- and one of the biggest is the sinkhole. Continue reading to learn how to repair a sinkhole in your parking lot. (more…)

Important Tips for Property Managers: Pavement and Parking Lot Maintenance

Monday, January 7th, 2019
Paving Fabric

Learn about important tips for property managers about pavement and parking lot maintenance.

One of the first things that a potential customer will notice about your company is how well the parking lot is maintained. No one wants to be jostled around by potholes or to get out of their car and trip due to a crack. Not only can these signs of wear be dangerous to your guests and employees and put you at risk of a personal injury suit, but they can also harm your reputation. While we’d all like to believe that there’s more to your business than appearances, the way you treat your property matters. As a property manager, you must take pavement and parking lot maintenance seriously. (more…)

Tips For Cold Weather Concreting

Friday, January 4th, 2019
Concrete Baltimore

Check out these tips for cold weather concreting.

Waiting for a cold snap to break is not always an option for construction companies that need to pour concrete over the winter months. The curing process of concrete can suffer several consequences when poured in very cold weather. Specifically, cold curing can result in the degradation of sustainability and integrity of concrete meaning it’s less stable and more prone to breakage. There are a few different options for making cold weather curing possible which we will go over today. (more…)

Is Your Pavement Ready For This Winter?

Thursday, October 25th, 2018
Learn if your pavement is ready for this winter.

Learn if your pavement is ready for this winter.

Before the winter season arrives, all property managers must ask themselves an important question: “Is my pavement ready for winter?” Parking lots and sidewalks need to be prepared now for the winter elements and freezing temperatures to ensure they remain in good condition. Continue reading to learn how PTG can help with winterization of your pavement! (more…)

What To Know About Infrared Patching Repairs

Thursday, July 12th, 2018
Asphalt Installation

Learn all about infrared patching repairs.

Infrared patching is the method of blending new asphalt with existing pavement to make a joint-free integral patch. You may consider infrared patching repairs if your asphalt surface has potholes, divots, cracks, heaving, or any other kind of uneven areas. Continue reading for important things you should know about infrared patching repairs. (more…)

What Are Bioretention Ponds And What Do They Do?

Thursday, July 5th, 2018
 Learn more about bioretention ponds and how they can benefit your parking lot.

Learn more about bioretention ponds and how they can benefit your parking lot.

Bioretention ponds, also referred to as rain gardens or stormwater planters, are designed to collect stormwater runoff from sidewalks, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. The bioretention ponds are beneficial for pavement, as too much water can result in ponding issues, penetration of pavement, and walking hazards for customers. Continue reading to learn more about bioretention ponds and their benefits. (more…)

Sinkholes: How They Happen and How PTG Repairs Them

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Learn about sinkholes and how PTG repairs them.

Sinkholes are more common than you may think, especially after a heavy rainstorm or flash flood. A sinkhole is essentially a hole in the ground that has been formed through the process of erosion and the drainage of water. While some sinkholes are small and manageable to fix, other sinkholes can be extremely dangerous and cause trees, parked cars, or even buildings to collapse. Continue reading to learn more about how sinkholes happen, and how PTG can help repair any sinkholes in your parking lot or sidewalks. (more…)

What Is Pavement Maintenance? PTG’s Maintenance Services

Friday, April 13th, 2018
Pavement Repair Baltimore

Learn about pavement maintenance and PTG’s maintenance services.

Pavement maintenance covers a wide variety of services, including patching, sealcoating, parking lot striping, and much more. Continue reading to learn more about pavement maintenance and our many services we offer at PTG Enterprises. (more…)