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The Importance of Proper Cure Conditions: Baltimore, Maryland Sealcoating

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Sealcoating is a crucial process in the preventative maintenance of any parking surface. However, because sealcoating is water based and cures by releasing all the water from their applied films, cure conditions are in credibly important. Sealcoatings cured under improper conditions are likely to fail prematurely.

Proper Cure Conditions

  1. Temperature: Sealcoating should only be applied if both ambient temperature and pavement temperature are above 50°F and below 85°F. When sealcoating below 50°F, the asphalt particles do not soften to form a continuous film. Because of this, the sealcoating will not only appear grey, but will also lack integrity. When sealcoating above 85°F, the sealcoating will lose its fluidity too rapidly, immobilizing binder particles and preventing them from fusing and forming a continuous film.
  2. Humidity: Humidity directly influences the rate of water loss from the sealcoating film. Sealcoating applied when it is overly humid will take a long time to cure. Sealcoatings will cure much faster at lower humidities.
  3. Wind: Wind can play a very big role in cure times. Under humid conditions, a nice breeze can help sealcoating cure faster. However, under low humidity, wind may cause sealer to cure too fast.

These conditions are the recommendations of the industry and its research association, Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC).

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