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Stamped Concrete and Colored Concrete Services in Baltimore, Maryland

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Stamped Concrete Baltimore Maryland

When you think concrete, what comes to mind? If you answered a dull, gray slab, then you are just like the majority of people out there. But PTG Enterprises is happy to tell you that concrete doesn’t have to be dull. Concrete doesn’t have to be boring. Concrete doesn’t even have to be gray!

Stamped Concrete and Colored Concrete: Injecting Excitement into Concrete

Concrete is durable. It is moldable. It has a long lifecycle. But it is also a little boring. That’s one of the many reasons business owners have shied away from concrete for parking lots, pool decks, and commercial patios. However, with a little magic – or what passes for magic in the concrete industry – we can take transform those once boring slabs into textured, colored surfaces that any business owner would be proud to own. (more…)