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The Challenges of Sealcoating in the Fall

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Fall is a busy season for asphalt contractors. Many home and business owners decide to have their parking lots and driveways sealcoated before the winter weather sets in. While this is great for the sealocating business, it also very challenging. The fall season brings with it many obstacles for the busy sealcoating contractor. These challenges include:

Shorter Days: Sealcoat needs the warmth of the sun to dry properly. The shorter days associated with fall mean that there is a very small window of opportunity each day to properly sealcoat parking lots and driveways.

Cold Ground: A cold ground hovering at or below 50 Degrees drastically reduces your chances of a good application.

Latex Additive: This is an additive for faster drying and can really help when sealcoating in the fall.

Temperature: When sealcoating, the temperature should be no colder than 50 degrees. Air temps in the lower 50s can cause sealer to not dry, cure or wear properly if sunlight is not present.

So if you are looking to have your parking surface or driveway sealcoated before winter, call before the weather gets too cold and the days become too short.

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Top 8 Challenges of Sealcoating in the Fall