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Porous Asphalt: Improving Stormwater Management

Friday, February 24th, 2012

We have a new, powerful tool to help improve stormwater management and water quality: Porous Asphalt.

In nature, rainwater is absorbed by soil, filters through it, and eventually seeps into streams, ponds, lakes, and underground aquifers. In urban areas, rainwater falls directly  on cement and asphalt pavements and has nowhere to filter out harmful contaminants. As a result, those contaminants are washed into waterways without undergoing the filtration that nature intended.

This is where porous asphalt can help!

Porous asphalt has an open-graded (porous) surface over an underlying stone recharge bed, allowing rainwater to drain through the asphalt, into the stone, and then the soil. If contaminants were on the surface at the time of the storm, they are swept along with the rainfall through the stone bed. From there they infiltrate into the sub-base so that they are subjected to the natural processes that cleanse water.

Benefits of Porous Asphalt

•      Conserve water

•      Allow for better use of land

•      Reduce runoff

•      Promote infiltration

•      Clean stormwater

•      Replenish aquifers

•      Protect streams, ponds, and other waterways

Porous asphalt pavements are being used successfully throughout the United States, in every type of climate and geography. They are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a best management practice for stormwater management.

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