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How to Eliminate Common Pedestrian Hazards in Your Parking Lot

Friday, January 24th, 2020
how to eliminate common pedestrian hazards in your parking lot

Removing snowfall immediately is an important step in preventing your parking lot from developing common pedestrian hazards.

Even if you are taking measures to remove snow from your parking lot this winter, your pavement can still become dangerous to pedestrians by accumulating ice and developing cracks that can trip customers. If your visitors don’t feel safe traveling in your parking lot, you can not only lose business but suffer long-lasting damages to your reputation. To avoid the negative consequences of pedestrian hazards in your parking lot, follow the guide below for spotting dangerous areas and eliminating them as efficiently as possible.  (more…)

How to Fix Potholes and Uneven Pavement Problems

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Potholes and uneven pavement are not just eyesores on your otherwise immaculate asphalt; they are liabilities. These pavement problems can cause pedestrian accidents, motorcycle and bicycle crashes, and injuries. And guess who is liable for these injuries? YOU, as the property owner, will be held liable for any and all injuries sustained as a result of your improperly maintained pavement.

So protect yourself and others by fixing potholes and uneven pavement surfaces quickly. Here’s how…

Potholes: Potholes are generally caused by failures in the base surface. Because of this, the old asphalt and base must be removed. Then a new base and a new layer of compacted asphalt can be added.

Asphalt patching is the best long-term solution, but filling the pothole with cold-patch asphalt can work in the short term.

Sunken Concrete Panels: This signals that the base course has weakened and needs to be replaced. The old materials need to be stripped and replaced with new, compacted layers of base course and concrete.

Short-term fix: The concrete slabs that are not sunken in can be grinded down until the surface is flush. Since this does not address the cause of the problem, it is only a temporary fix.

Lifted Asphalt and Concrete Panels: This is most likely the result of an intruding tree root under the pavement. To fix this you must remove the pavement, remove the tree root and then repave the surface.

Short-term fix: Grind down the surface.

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Asphalt and Uneven Pavement Surfaces are a Liability