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Masonry Maintenance Services in Baltimore, Maryland

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Masonry Maintenance BaltimoreBaltimore, Maryland is an old city with a lot of history.  This is reflected in its older buildings, structures made of brick and stone that exude the wisdom of the ages.  This history should be protected on all levels. The masonry of Baltimore needs help, and you should know who to trust for repairs.  Any good masonry service will be able to perform the four following masonry maintenance services.

Cleaning and Pressure Washing with Special Cleaning Products

The first issue any masonry faces is cleaning. Since masonry is porous, it will allow water in and retain it, giving rise to bacteria algae that will cling to the wall. This may look nice in old paintings, but it is quite damaging over time. Cleaning too much or with too harsh of chemicals will cause further damage, so the proper chemicals and cleaning processes are needed for each individual type of masonry. Using water is the most basic method of cleaning, while chemicals are a step up for more intense jobs. There is also abrasive cleaning, which uses grinders and sandblasters to remove dirt and grime. Abrasive cleaning is only for the hardiest masonry.

Stone and Brick Sealant with Clear and Breathable Products

Masonry is highly vulnerable to the weather. As time exposes it to repeated rain, snow, and ice storms, cracks form and the mortar holding the bricks together erodes. Using fresh sealant will fill in the cracks and chips, giving the masonry further life and preventing more water from entering existing damage and exacerbating it. In addition, a clear product will allow the original work to show and preserve the look the wall had before the new sealant was applied.

Caulking for Expansion Joints

A joint is a way to protect dissimilar types of masonry from cracking each other.  This type of preventative care is necessary for keeping water out of these highly exposed areas and entering the wall to cause further damage.  This can lead to leaks affecting the internal walls of your building and causing significant issues with your internal structure.  These joints are attached with caulk, which can erode over time and needs to be monitored carefully.

Tuck and Pointing, Because Mortar Becomes Dry and Brittle

Mortar literally holds the building together, but it grows very brittle and flakes over time. If it needs to be replaced, the surface should be removed down to ¾ of an inch and resealed with a mortar containing high amounts of lime. This will waterproof the mortar and protect it from further water damage.

Masonry Maintenance Services in Baltimore, Maryland

PTG Enterprises is your Baltimore, Maryland expert for all thing masonry. We handle all three phases of masonry lifecycle: installation, maintenance, and repair. We also provide excellent replacement services for when your masonry can no longer serve you.

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