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Tips For Safe Driving In The Snow and Ice

Friday, December 21st, 2018
Check out these tips for safe driving in the snow and ice.

Check out these tips for safe driving in the snow and ice.

Driving in the winter comes with many hazards and dangers, so it’s crucial to be extremely focused on the road and prepared for bad weather! Driving in the snow or on icy roads is not easy, and it’s important to remember to go slow and proceed with caution. Continue reading for more tips for driving this winter to ensure you make it to your destination safe and sound! (more…)

Wide Lines Lead to Safer Highways

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

A study “An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Wider Edge Line Pavement Markings” – conducted by Texas A&M University’s Transportation Institute (TTI) found that wider paint lines on roadway shoulders (edge lines) reduce crashes and fatalities. The study analyzed Federal Highway Administration data from Kansas, Michigan and Illinois. The evidence all supported the adoption of wider edge lines.

Study Findings

•      Wider edge lines have been shown to reduce total crashes 15 to 30 percent

•      Wider edge lines have been shown to reduce fatal plus injury crashes 15 to 38 percent

•      The benefit-cost ratio for wider edge lines is $33 to $55 for each $1 spent

This provides highway officials with a very cost-effective, statistically sound way to improve safety without expensive and inconvenient construction.

“With the ultimate goal being highway safety, transportation agencies across the U.S. now have strong data to support the undertaking of a relatively low-cost measure to improve highway safety and reduce fatalities,” said Kevin Goforth, president of the American Glass Bead Manufacturers’ Association, who sponsored the study.

Many states have already made the switch to wider edge lines, opting for six inches instead of four inches. But until this study, those changes were made without sound empirical findings to support the decision.

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Study: Wider Line Markings Make Highways Safer