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An Introduction to Cold Weather Concreting

Friday, January 3rd, 2020
pouring concrete in cold weather

Cold weather concreting is possible through two potential methods.

Often, construction companies will have to pour concrete even during the winter months. Waiting for the cold to pass is not always feasible, so it is possible to pour concrete during colder temperatures, what’s known as “cold weather concreting.” If cold weather concreting is not done correctly and carefully, the sustainability and integrity of the concrete can degrade quickly. There are a few methods, however, which can ensure successful cold weather concreting. Read on to learn the basics of this wintry pavement process.  (more…)

Concrete vs. Asphalt Parking Lots

Friday, June 21st, 2019
Learn about the difference between concrete and asphalt parking lots.

Learn about the difference between concrete and asphalt parking lots.

Whether you’re installing a new parking lot or replacing one that’s been well worn and damaged over the years, you should weigh your options carefully. After all, a parking lot gives the first impression of your building in many ways, so it’s important that it’s safe, durable, and easy to maintain. Parking lots are generally laid in asphalt or concrete, and there are a number of factors that will help determine which is right for you. Choosing a parking lot will mainly depend on the amount of traffic your lot will see, weather patterns in your area, and the required level of ongoing maintenance. Using these main criteria, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of concrete and asphalt parking lots. (more…)

Why Choose An Asphalt Parking Lot Over A Concrete Parking Lot?

Monday, April 15th, 2019
Learn why you should choose an asphalt parking lot over a concrete parking lot.

Learn why you should choose an asphalt parking lot over a concrete parking lot.

Is your business’s parking lot in need of a makeover? When it comes to a great first impression and improved customer retention rates, one of the most overlooked aspects of a business is its parking lot. While not every company has control over the state of their parking area, for those who do, it should be one of significant concern. Not only can a poorly maintained parking lot lead to injuries, vehicle damage, and personal injury lawsuits, but it can make a substantial impact on your reputation. No matter how good your products and services, customers will be less inclined to return if they know your parking area is a mess. With that in mind, stopping to consider the type of parking lot you choose is critical. Ensuring that you can keep it maintained and repaired for years to come will make a huge difference in its long term effectiveness. The two options for a parking lot are asphalt and concrete, both have their own pros and cons, but today we’ll be focusing on asphalt.  (more…)

Tips For Cold Weather Concreting

Friday, January 4th, 2019
Concrete Baltimore

Check out these tips for cold weather concreting.

Waiting for a cold snap to break is not always an option for construction companies that need to pour concrete over the winter months. The curing process of concrete can suffer several consequences when poured in very cold weather. Specifically, cold curing can result in the degradation of sustainability and integrity of concrete meaning it’s less stable and more prone to breakage. There are a few different options for making cold weather curing possible which we will go over today. (more…)

4 Cold Weather Concrete Tips

Friday, November 9th, 2018
De-Icing Chemicals for Asphalt and Concrete

Check out these four cold weather concrete tips.

Concrete is a durable and strong material that is generally low-maintenance, but your concrete surfaces will need some upkeep during the winter. Snow and ice can result in significant damage to concrete, as freezing water that seeps into the surface will cause cracks and corrosion. Avoid these costly repairs in the spring by starting winter concrete maintenance now! (more…)

How To Protect Your Concrete Against The Harsh Effects Of Winter

Friday, October 12th, 2018
roadway icing

Learn how to protect your concrete against the harsh effects of winter.

The cold temperature and harsh effects of winter can cause significant damage to concrete, so knowing how to protect concrete on your property is crucial. Continue reading for a few important tips on how to protect your concrete against snow and ice before winter arrives. (more…)

How Concrete Sidewalks Are Built

Friday, August 10th, 2018

Learn how concrete sidewalks are built.

When planning walkways for your home or property there are several options you can choose from. Paving stones, slate, cobble and gravel all can be excellent choices, but concrete sidewalks are one of the best. Concrete, when installed by a reputable company, can last for decades and is one of the best options for accessibility. Concrete was first used hundreds of years ago, and the evidence still exists, many of the first concrete buildings are still recognizable! Concrete is also non-slip, and is easy for those with mobility issues to traverse, making it accessible to everyone regardless of the weather. (more…)

Benefits Of Dumpster Corrals For Your Commercial Property

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Learn about the many benefits of dumpster corrals for your commercial property.

Dumpster corrals are essential for commercial businesses, as they offer many benefits for your customers, residents, and employees. Today, dumpster corrals are not only necessary for trash, but also for separate recycling bins. Continue reading to learn more about dumpster corrals and why they are important for your business. (more…)

3 Things Concrete Does: Shrinks, Curls and Cracks

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
Mixing Concrete

Learn more about concrete shrinking, curling, and cracking.

Concrete is made out of three basic components, including water, aggregate, and cement. It is a very durable material, but unfortunately, it can’t last forever. Over time, concrete will show signs of wear and tear by shrinking, curling, and cracking. Learn more about why concrete does these three things and how to maintain your concrete pavement. (more…)

Differences Between Concrete And Asphalt

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Learn the differences between concrete and asphalt.

Concrete and asphalt are both great for parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, and more, but the materials have many differences. Continue reading to learn what separates concrete and asphalt, and if one material makes a better pavement than the other. (more…)