Should You Replace Your Retaining Wall This Spring?

retaining wall

After winter, it’s important to pay attention to your retaining wall to determine whether or not it needs to be replaced.

Winter can be harsh on a lot of your landscaping elements, but retaining walls can take a particularly hard hit.  This is because it holds back plenty of soil that can freeze, and consequently expand, pushing against the wall.  Or, ice could potentially damage the retaining wall if it isn’t properly cared for.  After winter, it’s important to pay attention to your retaining wall to determine whether or not it needs to be replaced.  This is not something you can do yourself–read on to see if you need to replace your retaining wall this spring.

Reasons For Failure


There are several reasons why a retaining wall may fail.  As mentioned, soil with poor drainage can result in freezing that will put stress on the wall.  The material also matters–if you have a wooden retaining wall, for example, it could end up rotting or deteriorating.  It’s difficult to tell if your retaining wall will fail until it’s too late.  Likewise, one simple answer for a failed retaining wall would be poor craftsmanship.


What to Look For


So, what should you look for when you examine your retaining wall?  It’s usually fairly obvious; a leaning or bulging part of the wall can show a weak point.  Cracks can appear in the wall itself or the pavement it’s placed upon, indicating poor structure.  One section may be separated from the rest.  Obvious defects such as these can mean you need a replacement.


How to Handle it


Call a professional–that’s the bottom line.  Trying to DIY repair a retaining wall can result in disaster.  Chances are, a professional team is required to conduct the safest replacement.  The wall could collapse on you, which presents a serious risk.  Most likely, the defects in the wall are a sign of a much larger issue.  To prevent harm to yourself, call PTG Enterprises.


PTG Enterprises can replace your retaining wall this spring!


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