Retaining Wall 101: What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

retaining wall

Learn about retaining walls and their benefits.

Slopes on your property can be a challenge not only for building, but for paving, planting, and landscaping as well. This is one of the major reasons that many property owners need to construct retaining walls. Whether your property requires one wall or a system of walls, retaining walls hold back earth and water on a slope to prevent erosion and manage water drainage. This makes retaining walls absolutely crucial for many kinds of plantings, as well as properties in particularly vulnerable areas for stormwater drainage problems and soil erosion. Read on for more of the basics of retaining walls and the benefits of using them on your property.

Protect the Land

The foremost benefit of a retaining wall is the prevention of soil erosion. In many geographical regions, erosion can cause huge issues not just for property owners, but also for the local ecosystem. When soil erodes, it impacts plant health, soil health, and even safety. Serious soil erosion can cause sinking or warping of building infrastructure and even dangerous mudslides and rockslides. Retaining walls allow property owners to provide protection to land that is on a steep slope or may otherwise be vulnerable to erosion.

Manage Drainage

Rainwater and storm runoff can contribute significantly to soil erosion. In an area that experiences particularly harsh storms or excessive rainfall, this can seriously impact soil health and cause a lot of soil to runoff with the stormwater. Drainage systems are built within retaining walls in order to manage stormwater runoff associated with erosion. Retaining walls can also make it easier to plant deeply rooted native plants that can help improve soil drainage. This is a great way to reduce stormwater runoff and benefit your local ecosystem by planting landscaping that improves soil health.

Add Dimension to Your Property

Not only are retaining walls good for preventing soil and water runoff, they can also beautifully complement your property and landscaping. A system of retaining wall can allow you to make the most of robust landscaping design by increasing usable space and creating a bold impact through terrace gardening. There are also material options for retaining walls, including natural stone and concrete block walls. Natural stone retaining walls are great for helping your retaining wall blend into the landscape, while concrete block retaining walls create clean, bold lines across your property. No matter your landscaping or style needs, you can construct a retaining wall that will add dimension to your property, improve drainage, and benefit your soil health!

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