Hiring a Professional to Build Your Retaining Wall

Looking along a red brick wall.Retaining walls are used when you want to keep earth from shifting and water to stay where it belongs. You can see where this could cause a problem if you decide to make your retaining wall into a DIY project. If you make any kind of wrong assessment or use the wrong types of materials, you may find yourself in a worse mess after building the wall than you were to begin with.

One of the biggest problems that DIYers encounter when building a retaining wall is the angle at which to build the wall. Usually you’re trying to keep soil from sliding into your house or other areas where it is not desired. If you build the wall at the wrong angle, the wall will not be doing its job. It is also important to have the correct drainage system included with your retaining wall so that you can avoid flooding or other water mishaps and damage that can come from not knowing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. The water could even end up flooding neighbors’ properties, which is never good.

PTG offers masonry services with a specialty in retaining walls. We really know how to “hit the bricks” when it comes to masonry work and retaining walls. We know just how devastating it can be if the earth or water that you are trying to keep at bay somehow slips through the cracks. We’ll prepare the site and make sure to install your retaining wall at the right angle. PTG works quickly yet efficiently and we pride ourselves on cleaning up after we install your retaining wall.

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Source: Why You Should Hire A Professional to Build Your Retaining Wall

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