Why It’s Important To Repair Potholes In The Spring

Learn why it’s crucial to repair all potholes in your parking lot this spring.

Learn why it’s crucial to repair all potholes in your parking lot this spring.

If your parking lot has a pothole, it’s important to fix it as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Potholes will worsen if they are not addressed quickly, and can cause damages to vehicles and possible injuries to pedestrians. Emergency repairs should be performed year-round, but full repairs should take place when the weather is warm. Continue reading to learn why it’s crucial to repair all potholes in your parking lot this spring. 


When it comes to asphalt, the temperature plays an important role. “Hot mix” asphalt is kept in a liquid state inside a heated truck, and when the weather is warm, it will stay in a liquid form until it is poured, spread, and leveled off. The asphalt will then harden over time to form a tight seal and repair any potholes and cracks in your pavement. However, when the weather is cold, the asphalt can cool and become thick as soon as it leaves the truck, which results in an uneven pouring. Frozen ground can also cause the aggregates to loosen and break free, so repairing a pothole in the cold weather will not hold up.


It’s also essential to wait until the freezing rains and snow of winter have stopped before attempting any pothole repairs. While the spring is known for rain showers, a light drizzle won’t have any damaging effects on asphalt repairs. Snow and heavy rains, however, can cause the asphalt to cool too quickly, or lead to water buildup within the deeper layers of the new asphalt. Pothole repairs are best on a warm spring day with no rain, but light and short rains won’t cause any damage.

Damage From Winter

It’s essential to perform repairs and inspections of your parking lot every spring, as winter weather is tough on asphalt. Asphalt will expand and contract during cycles of freezing and thawing as the temperature changes throughout the winter season, and snow accumulation can weaken the asphalt’s structure. As it is almost officially spring, it’s a good time to inspect your pavement for cracking and water intrusion, as it’s likely that your parking lot has quite a few damages. Take the time this spring to perform pothole repairs, and to take care of any cracks or holes in the asphalt that should be addressed.

Pothole Repairs From PTG Enterprises

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