What Are Bioretention Ponds And What Do They Do?

 Learn more about bioretention ponds and how they can benefit your parking lot.

Learn more about bioretention ponds and how they can benefit your parking lot.

Bioretention ponds, also referred to as rain gardens or stormwater planters, are designed to collect stormwater runoff from sidewalks, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. The bioretention ponds are beneficial for pavement, as too much water can result in ponding issues, penetration of pavement, and walking hazards for customers. Continue reading to learn more about bioretention ponds and their benefits.

What Are Bioretention Ponds?

Bioretention ponds are planted depressions that combine engineered stormwater control with beautiful landscaping. With the right soil conditions, they can even remove pollutants from stormwater, slow the movement of water, or allow the water to seep into the soils. If bioretention ponds contain soils that are free of groundwater contamination and can absorb rainwater quickly, then they can allow the water to infiltrate into the soils below. But if this is not possible, then the ponds can be designed to collect water in temporary pools before filtering and releasing it into the sewer system.

How Does Water Affect Pavement?

After a storm, property managers do not want any big puddles forming on their parking lot or sidewalks, as this can lead to issues for their pavement, as well as safety hazards for customers. Pooling water destroys the bonds that hold asphalt together, but you likely won’t see the damage until it’s too late to fix the problem. Pooling water also leads to bleeding, cracking, raveling, and rutting, and can be expensive for property managers to fix. Standing water can even penetrate sealcoating, so the only way to truly keep pavement safe from stormwater is to ensure the area has a bioretention pond to collect runoff.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits of bioretention ponds, especially for property managers. Bioretention ponds are easy and inexpensive to install, they improve water quality, reduce runoff volume, increase effective permeable surfaces, and provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to the landscape.

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