Two Important Sources for The Paving Industry Standards: AI and ACI

Learn about the important sources for industry standards: AI and ACI.

Learn about the important sources for industry standards: AI and ACI.

There are two important sources for the paving industry standards: Asphalt Institute (AI) and American Concrete Institute (ACI.) Continue reading to learn more about these sources and what they mean for the paving industry.

Asphalt Institute (AI)

The Asphalt Institute was founded in 1919 and promotes the safe use, benefits, and quality performance of petroleum asphalts in a unified voice through education, engineering, technical development, and marketing leadership. AI’s members represent 90% of the liquid asphalt produced in North America, with an increasing percentage in the international markets. The Institutes’ publications have a large audience and reach over 18,000 industry professionals.

The Institute provides five areas of strategic focus to support members in important areas such as member connectivity, asphalt promotion, environmental oversight, technical leadership, and educational expertise.

American Concrete Institute (ACI)

The American Concrete Institute was founded in 1904, and is one of the world’s leading authorities on concrete technology and a nonprofit technical educational society. ACI is a source for concrete contractors, such as PTG, to discuss concrete technology, innovations, and the best new practices. The institute also conducts forums through conventions, meetings, and publications, including the ACI Structural Journal. For the ACI to be as effective as possible, all members must be willing to contribute their thoughts and knowledge with others. When all members share their training, the public will benefit.

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