What To Know About Infrared Patching Repairs

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Learn all about infrared patching repairs.

Infrared patching is the method of blending new asphalt with existing pavement to make a joint-free integral patch. You may consider infrared patching repairs if your asphalt surface has potholes, divots, cracks, heaving, or any other kind of uneven areas. Continue reading for important things you should know about infrared patching repairs.


There are many advantages of infrared patching, including the short amount of time it takes to complete, the convenience, the quality, as well as the low cost. Depending on the air temperature, the infrared patching process may only take 10 to 20 minutes. The traditional method of excavating and repaving will result in a much longer period of downtime for your parking lot. The convenience of infrared patching is another great benefit, as the repairs can be completed during the off-hours when asphalt plants are not even operating.

One of the greatest benefits of infrared patching is the low cost, as the method is a cost-effective alternative to traditional patching. The technique brings quality results, as no new cold joints are created, so there are never any open seams between the old pavement and the infrared patch.

What Infrared Patching Is Used For

Now that you know the advantages of the method, it’s important to know the various uses of infrared patching. The method can be used for repairing holes and surface deteriorated areas or paving seams, as well as repairing newer pavement without sawing-cutting, and restoring service cuts. Infrared patching can also be used to eliminate depressions, water holes, and tripping hazards to make your parking lot or sidewalk safe for customers. It can even be used to adjust pavement heights to manholes, or lower high areas in the parking lot.

If your parking lot needs any of these services, call PTG for our patching services today. We have the equipment and resources to complete any asphalt repair project quickly and correctly.

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