When Is The Best Time To Repave My Parking Lot?

PTG Enterprises

How are you meant to know if it’s time to repave? Be on the lookout for these big indicators that it may be about time.

Your parking lot is an important part of your business. It provides a safe and secure place for you employees to park, and also a convenient place for customers and potential customers to leave their cars if they stop by. It also serves as one of the first impressions for your business.  When the parking lot is run down, dirty, or in need of repair, it can create a negative impression in the mind of potential customers even before they walk through your door. So if you do need to repair your lot, how do you know if you need to patch or repave? And if you do need to repave, when is the right time to do it? 

Lot Conditions

The best way to know if you need to repair or repave your lot is to take a good, hard, critical look at it. You look at the lot every single day, so it is easy to overlook the imperfections. But customers won’t be so forgiving. If the lot has a lot of cracks, it could be unsightly and give people the impression that you don’t do maintenance. If your lot is full of holes, it could damage people’s cars and make them not want to drive on it. If it is faded and the lines are hard to see, it could be dangerous for anyone who uses it. Not all of these issues will require a full repaving. Some will only need repainting or patching. But the older your lot is, the more likely it is to need a full repaving since asphalt has a finite lifespan.

Seasonal Weather

So if you do need to repave (or even just do repairs), what is the best time to do it? You have to consider the weather when answering this question. Rain and snow are both conditions that will cause deterioration of your lot, and they are also conditions during which you cannot repave. Asphalt also can’t be laid down in the cold, so winter is off-limits for any repaving projects aside from true emergencies. Fall also tends to be on the cold side, and it is often pretty rainy. While not completely off-limits, you’re likely to have a harder time finding a good time for repaving in the fall. Spring and summer tend to be the best seasons for repaving, but you will need a stretch of at least 2 dry days for the repaving to be done and to dry. Depending on the size of your lot, it may actually take longer. 

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