3 Types Of Pavement Rehabilitation


Learn about three types of pavement rehabilitation.

Pavement is a considerable investment for any business, and it is one with a pretty finite lifespan. As soon as pavement is installed, the forces of nature start to work on breaking it down, even when the aggregate base is properly graded, and the pavement is properly installed. Routine maintenance plays a huge role in keeping the pavement usable for as long as possible, but eventually, it will reach a point where it no longer makes a difference. Pavement rehabilitation is a means to turn back the clock on that pavement lifecycle and extend the usable life of your pavement. If you’re interested in pavement rehabilitation, there are three types that you should be aware of.

Mill And Overlay

This rehabilitation method requires the use of a milling machine to remove the top few inches of pavement (at least two inches, but possibly more) so that the surface can be overlaid with new asphalt. This is a good option if you need to correct a drainage issue with your pavement since the milling gives you that opportunity. Before performing this method, any areas with potholes or fatigue cracking need to be repaired. Overlays sometimes suffer from reflection cracking, which is when the new surface develops cracks over where the old cracks were, so correcting the issues that caused the original cracks is important before completing any overlay.

Asphalt Pavement Overlay

This method is similar to mill and overlay in that it includes an overlay of 2.5-3.5 inches of new asphalt that completely restores the surface. The step that it doesn’t include is the milling- unless the pavement has curbs. If there are curbs, the pavement will be edge-milled so that the new surface matches the old level where it meets the curb. This is a good option for making cosmetic fixes, like covering stains and improving curb appeal, when the pavement is still performing well. As mentioned above, overlays can suffer from reflection cracking.

Remove and Replace

This is the total removal of the pavement, all the way down to the aggregate base, and installation of the new asphalt surface. This is a major undertaking, but not as large as reconstructing the entire pavement. This is only a good option for pavement that has a strong aggregate base level but an asphalt level that is cracked and deteriorated beyond all other options. Since this method completely replaces the asphalt layer, it is not susceptible to reflection cracking.

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