How Often To Restripe Your Parking Lot

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Learn how often you should restripe your parking lot.

Striping your parking lot is an inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your property instantly, but do you know how often you should be restriping? You may think that once is enough, but over time, striping will fade, and it’s important that your parking lot is in good condition and designates key areas clearly. Continue reading to learn how often you should restripe your parking lot.


There are a few things that may affect how often you need to restripe your parking lot, including the weather in your area. If your business is located in an area with a cold climate that gets a lot of snow and ice, you will likely need to restripe more often than companies in a warm climate. This is because snow is typically cleared with salt and plows, which can speed up the fading process of paint and signage on your pavement. In this case, it is recommended to restripe your parking lot once a year.

However, if your area gets a lot of sun, you may be able to wait over a year to restripe your parking lot. Be sure to pay close attention to the paint each month and take notice of any damages. Restriping your pavement is the best way to ensure your parking lot is safe and shows the proper signage while attracting customers to your business.


When considering how often to restripe, you should also take into account the number of customers you get in one day. If your company has an online presence and you mainly do business over the phone or computer, you may not get many vehicles in your parking lot. Businesses with heavy traffic will need to restripe more frequently, as vehicles are not driving over the paint and causing it to fade faster.


Lastly, you should also consider the kind of paint used during your last parking lot striping. If a high-quality, thick paint was used, your parking lot should be able to withstand moderate traffic for about a year before fading. However, if a thin paint was used, you should continually check the striping throughout the year to know when it’s time to restripe. During your next restriping, be sure to choose an industrial grade paint to ensure the striping lasts as long as possible.

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