We Repeat: Do Not Use De-Icer!

Baltimore Concrete SealerWe’ve been telling you for months that Winter is coming and that you needed to prepare and have warned you about the dangers of de-icer. Now, Winter isn’t coming. It’s here. So, have you prepared? Are you in the process of any proactive winterizing measures?


With some amount of icing all but certain (and imminent) in the Baltimore Metro Area, the temptation will be strong to stock up on de-icer for concrete. This is a temptation that must be avoided at all costs.

Why De-Icer is a Hazard

The risk of damage is just too great. De-Icing chemicals chemically alter concrete pavement, and will cause cracks. Those cracks you just had filled to prepare for winter? They can be easily re-split with the application of harsh de-icing chemicals. Although you have good intentions for applying de-icing chemicals to your commercial properties, it can greatly set back your winter concrete maintenance.

As alternatives go, an ounce of proactivity is worth a shovelfull of de-icing. A little preparation goes a long way. If you have properly anticipated ice and its potential damage, then you have likely filled existing cracks in your concrete and purchased new shovels and or blowers to quickly and efficiently remove snow and ice from your concrete without having to resort to chemicals. There are other ways to keep your concrete clear of ice and snow which won’t cause damage, and a good contractor will help you determine the most appropriate route.

Yes, Maryland, There are Safe and Effective Alternatives

In addition to preparation, there are alternatives to using de-icing chemicals if necessary. Sand serves as a more cost-effective option and a safer solution for the environment. Chloride and magnesium chloride are safer alternatives than regular de-icing chemicals. One key to minimizing damage to your concrete during the winter is to fix any issues before the weather starts to turn. If you have any potholes or see any issues forming with your concrete, de-icing chemicals are only going to cause even more damage.

We’re Here to Help

PTG Enterprises is a commercial concrete contractor in the Baltimore area. Our crews are extremely familiar with all types of concrete paving, so you know the job will look professional and last for years to come. Give us a call and let us help protect your pavement from Mother Nature.

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