Why Mill and Pave Your Parking Lot? Many Reasons!

So, your pavement’s days are over. It has taken a brutal beating from foot and vehicle traffic, and it is ready to throw in the towel. Now, you have to have it completely repaved and redone, right? Nope! You could just have a mill and pave job done. If your pavement isn’t too far gone, a mill and pave can restore it beautifully without the cost and hassle of a full replacement job. Let’s take a look at how a mill and pave may be right for you.

mill and pave baltimore

Think you need a full replacement for your asphalt? Think again! Mill and pave is an option.

Mill and Pave vs. Full Replacement

What does a mill and pave entail? The milling process grinds up the damaged layer of asphalt, which is then removed and can be recycled (recycling is good!). Then, new pavement can be laid over top of the milled area using a track. It’s a simpler and less costly replacement option than a full replacement.

A full replacement is needed when the asphalt and stone base beneath is too damaged or not sturdy enough for a mill and pave replacement. If your paved area is very old, or hasn’t been replaced in a while, it may require a full replacement. However, if you keep up with regular maintenance of your asphalt, you most likely will only require a mill and pave.

How do you decide whether you need a mill and pave, or a full replacement? Most likely, you won’t be able to know that yourself. However, an experienced contractor will be able to easily assess your replacement requirements, and will tell you whether you need a mill and pave or a full replacement.

The PTG Enterprises Quality Standards for Baltimore

PTG Enterprises has paved thousands of miles of asphalt lots, and our crews work quickly and professionally. But that is not what makes us unique. Unlike those other asphalt contractors, we care about you and your business. In fact, when you hire PTG, you’ll work with owner Patrick Gillen from start to finish, from the initial site visit and pre-construction meeting to the final walk-through. With PTG each phase of the project will be executed with an attention to detail that other asphalt paving contractors don’t possess.

We have been in the paving business for more than a decade and have managed hundreds of pavement projects throughout Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

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