Safety is Our Top Priority at PTG Enterprises

Safety PTG Enterprises

Safety is “PTG’s top priority,” said Patrick T. Gillen III, PTG Enterprises owner.

It is the policy of PTG Enterprises that we will provide a safe work environment on every job site. This is our commitment to our customers, as well as our employees, contractors, sub-contractors, and their families.

We Practice What We Preach

Continued Education: OSHA and MOSHA Training and More

One of the most important ways we make safety our top priority is through continued education. This is why ever member of the PTG family stays up-to-date on not only safety training, but also the latest and greatest industry trends. Our employees are required to participate in annual OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and MOSHA (Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety training. Click Here to learn more.

Safety Briefings

Before every job, we conduct a pre-construction safety briefing as well as daily safety briefings to advise our crews of site-specific hazards and emergency procedures. We have also instituted emergency response plans for all hazards to which our workers may be exposed.

PTG Enterprises holds monthly meetings to discuss new safety regulations and any areas of concern, which keeps our employees up-to-date.

Safety Attire and Equipment

All PTG Enterprises employees working in a construction zone must wear suitable personal protective apparel and equipment at all time. We also ensures our equipment – including our vehicles – receives regular maintenance and inspections.

About PTG Enterprises

PTG Enterprises has been in business since 1996. Today PTG Enterprises is a contracting, consulting and project management business dedicated to serving commercial clients with asphalt and concrete paving services. We have managed hundreds of pavement projects throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia and have the experience you need. When you choose PTG, you can expect a fair proposal, professionalism, and quality work.

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When you hire PTG, you’ll work with Patrick Gillen from start to finish. This process begins with an initial site visit, a pre-construction meeting and setting expectations for the client and crew. Communication is our watchword, and you’ll receive regular reports on your project.

To learn more about PTG Enterprises and our commitment to Safety, please contact us today by calling 410-636-8777! You can check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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