An Asphalt and Concrete Contractor That Believes in Continued Education

Asphalt contractor continued education

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” — Henry Ford

PTG Enterprises has been in the asphalt paving, concrete, and masonry business since 1996. Over the years, PTG has thrived, preparing thousands of Pavement Condition Inspections, paving thousands of miles of asphalt lots, and managing countless projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

The secret to great looking pavement is simple: proper construction, continued maintenance, and timely re-construction. The secret to a great asphalt and concrete contractor is even simpler: Continued Education.

The Importance of Continued Education

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” – Muhammad Ali

It is not simply enough to want to be the best asphalt and concrete contractor in the Baltimore, Maryland area. In order to actually achieve this goal we must constantly strive to be better. This is why ever member of the PTG family stays up-to-date on not only safety training, but also the latest and greatest industry trends.


  1. PTG Enterprises has implemented strict safety procedures and all employees must participate in annual OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety training.
  2. PTG Enterprises has an in-house safety committee to ensures our company abides by OSHA regulations.
  3. PTG Enterprises holds monthly meetings to discuss new safety regulations and any areas of concern, which keeps our employees up-to-date.

Industry Trends

Representatives from PTG Enterprises attend numerous trade shows across the country to learn more about the latest techniques, products, and equipment the industry has to offer. This knowlefge helps us improve our practices and better serve our customers.

  1. World of Asphalt: World of Asphalt is the leading education resource for the asphalt industry. The event features in-depth industry-focused educational programming and comprehensive exhibits that showcase the latest technologies and innovations in asphalt-related equipment, products and services.
  2. World of Concrete: This year’s World of Concrete (WOC) featured more than 1,459 exhibitors, including equipment manufacturers from around the world and exclusive U.S. distributors of equipment, tools, products and services. WOC also offers an unsurpassed education program: 90-minute and 3-hour seminar sessions, and more than 100 skill-building seminars with top industry experts.
  3. And More!

World of Asphalt and World of Concrete are just two of the many shows we attend each year.

Work with PTG Enterprises, an Asphalt and Concrete Contractor That Believes in Continued Education

When you hire PTG, you’ll work with Patrick Gillen from start to finish. This process begins with an initial site visit, a pre-construction meeting and setting expectations for the client and crew. Communication is our watchword, and you’ll receive regular reports on your project.

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