When Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

Retaining Wall

To keep your complete landscape beautiful, a retaining wall is a perfect addition.

Think about the places you’ve been? Do you remember seeing a retaining wall?

Chances are you have seen many, you just may not remember. Retaining walls are

everywhere: Schools, homes, and businesses all use them. A properly built retaining

wall is a functional and beautiful addition to any property that might need one. Here

is a little more information about retaining walls you may find helpful.


What Does a Retaining Wall Do?

A retaining wall is masonry’s answer to combating soil erosion on hills. Where

there is a hill that will erode over time with water and gravity pulling at it, a

retaining wall can be placed in order to prevent some of that erosion. Retaining

walls also help:

Provide more usable space: For as long as humans have known they can use stone to

build things, we have been using retaining walls to build grand terraces and

gardens. Now, we use them on a much smaller scale to create a usable, flat surface

on a hill.

Keep flooding at bay: Retaining walls slow the flow of rainwater. Instead of running

straight down a hill, the flat areas stop the water. This keeps flooding to a minimum.

Serve as extra seating: Depending on where your retaining wall is, how tall it is, and

what it’s made of, a retaining wall can serve as some nice outdoor seating. If you’re

having people over, consider adding some small cushions for added comfort.


Should You Add a Retaining Wall to Your Property?

Is your home at the bottom of a hill? If your home is at the bottom of a steep incline,

you may want to consider a retaining wall. If it is an especially tall or steep incline,

you should consider a steel-enforced stone retaining wall. These are especially

strong and can protect your home from harmful flooding and erosion. The stone also

provides a beautiful yet functional backdrop for your home.

Is your front yard a hill? Houses are often built on the flat land at the top of a hill.

This doesn’t leave much room for gardening, and the soil erosion can cause quite a

bit of damage to your property over time. Consider putting in several short

retaining walls, to create a sort of step effect. This will give you plenty of room to

create the garden of your dreams and give your guests a beautiful pathway to

welcome them to your home.


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