Maintenance Tips for Maryland Facilities Managers

Asphalt Contractor Safety First

It is important that Maryland facilities managers put the safety of their employees and customers first.

Maryland Facilities managers have several different responsibilities. For the most part, facilities managers are in charge of overseeing and maintaining the care of their company’s building and surrounding property. It is their responsibility to hire the appropriate contractors for necessary maintenance and upkeep to ensure that their facility is properly cared for. PTG Enterprises is here with a few tips to help Maryland facilities managers.

Repairs to Avoid Trip Fall Hazards

You should hire a professional to assess your property for any potential cracks and breaks in your asphalt or concrete surfaces. Cracks and breaks in flooring and parking lots are hazardous to your potential customers and fellow employees. Additionally, potholes in your parking lot negatively affect the integrity of your asphalt as a whole and will worsen with time. Make these repairs as soon as possible to avoid injury and liability. Hiring contractors to perform regular asphalt maintenance is the best way to keep your facility safe and beautiful.

ADA Compliance and Parking Lots

If your facility has a commercial parking lot, it is mandatory that it is compliant with ADA standards. The Americans With Disabilities Act was put into place to ensure the safety and enhance the convenience of people living with disabilities and otherwise. If your parking lot is not ADA compliant, you are breaking the law and will be liable for potential injuries that take place on your property. Learn more about how to make your parking lot ADA compliant.

Need Commercial Asphalt Maintenance? Call PTG Enterprises!

PTG Enterprises has been in the asphalt paving, concrete, and masonry business for more than a decade. We have seen it all before and we know the telltale warning signs of asphalt and pavement failure. And as a member of the Community Association Institute (CAI), National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT), and Maryland Multi-Housing Association (MMHA) we are well-positioned to help you make the right financial decisions for your property or community association.

PTG stands out as an industry leader due to our methodology of pavement management planning: a systematic, long-term approach to managing and extending the life of your pavement. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to extend and maximize the lifespan of your asphalt and concrete surfaces.

If you have any questions about winter asphalt maintenance, please contact PTG Enterprises today by calling 410-636-8777, or click here today! You can also check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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