Pool Deck Repair before Winter Hits Maryland

Pool Deck Repair MarylandBasically, cracks in your pool deck allow moisture in. This moisture can freeze and worsen damage over the course of a winter, so it is better to address repairs now.

Winters in Maryland can get harsh very quick, and it can cost you a small fortune to repair your commercial pool deck before summer works its way back around.

Concrete Pool Deck Repair in Maryland  

We all know that concrete is a very strong and durable material, but sometimes we forget that it’s not indestructible. Overtime, your commercial concrete pool deck is going to wear down and need repair. Damage to concrete can create a safety hazard, so you shouldn’t wait until next pool season to have it fixed.

Cracks Ruin Concrete Decks

So you may be asking why it’s so important to repair your concrete deck before winter, and that’s a great question. If the concrete is above the frost line, different weather conditions can cause concrete to crack and warp. When winter approaches in Maryland, you will obviously be dealing with very frigid days and snow. This means that any initial cracks in your deck can get worse. The larger the crack becomes, the more a pool deck repair is going to cost. When it’s time for next pool season, most community pool managers realize they should have taken care of the crack before the winter. This will be a massive project, and the average person just does not have the tools or skillset to accurately and safely repair the cracks in their pool deck. You don’t want any down time at the start of pool season for residents, so you need to have an expert repair even a small crack before the start of winter.

Commercial Pool Deck Repair throughout Maryland

PTG Enterprises has been in the asphalt paving, masonry, and concrete business for more than a decade. We have seen it all before and will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure the details of the project are fully understood, and that timetables are met. We offer a wide variety of concrete care products and services, including pool deck repair and reconstruction. Our knowledgeable estimators will assess your community association’s or apartment complex’s concrete pool deck and make suggestions on the best way to address the symptoms and underlining problem(s).

PTG Enterprises has paved, filled, and repaired thousands of miles of asphalt and concrete surfaces in Baltimore and beyond, and our crews work quickly and professionally.

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