How De-Icing Chemicals Can Damage Concrete

De-Icing Chemicals Concrete

The winter is not too kind to your concrete.

One of the biggest reasons you start to see concrete wear down during the winter is because of de-icing chemicals. De-icing chemicals are a nightmare for your concrete. Let’s take a look at how these chemicals negatively affect your concrete.

What De-Icing Does to Concrete

How exactly do de-icing chemicals damage concrete? Using De-icing chemicals likes Sodium chloride or rock salt, NaCL with Mg CL2 and OBPE and NaCL with Magic-O can chemically alter the aggregate that was paid to be put in. The chemicals can cause cracking in concrete. Owner of PTG Enterprises, Patrick Gillen III, states that, “No de-icing chemicals are safe.”

De-Icing Chemicals and Concrete

In an effort to offer safe travel, highways and a lot of main roads will use road salt. It’s estimated that 15 million tons of road salt is used each winter. These de-icing chemicals help our cars with traction, but it can severely damage concrete. Also, de-icing materials can harm animals who come into direct contact with the chemicals.

The Necessity of De-Icing Chemicals

It’s just a simple fact that de-icing chemicals need to be used in certain areas. It’s important for everyone to get to their work and homes safe and securely. The key thing to keep in mind is that de-icing chemicals are just something people will have to be prepared for when it comes to concrete damage.

Safety Alternatives to De-Icing Chemicals

Fortunately, there are some alternatives to using de-icing chemicals. Sand serves as a more-cost effective option and a safer solution for the environment. Chloride and Magnesium chloride are also two safer alternatives than regular de-icing chemicals. One key to minimizing damage to your concrete during the winter is to fix any issues before the weather starts to turn. If you have any potholes or see any issues forming with your concrete, de-icing chemicals are only going to cause even more damage.

A Baltimore Concrete Repair Company

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