Benefits Of Dumpster Corrals For Your Commercial Property

Learn about the many benefits of dumpster corrals for your commercial property.

Dumpster corrals are essential for commercial businesses, as they offer many benefits for your customers, residents, and employees. Today, dumpster corrals are not only necessary for trash, but also for separate recycling bins. Continue reading to learn more about dumpster corrals and why they are important for your business.

Purpose Of Dumpster Corrals

The main purpose of a dumpster corral is to keep dumpsters together in a safe and central location. You may be wondering why this is even necessary, but property owners know how much of a necessity dumpsters corrals are. For instance, they keep unwanted people away from your dumpsters to ensure you are not paying to have their trash removed more often. Other benefits include hiding the dumpster and its smell from your customers, to make your property more appealing. A dumpster sitting in your parking lot is never a good sight and can turn customers away. However, a dumpster corral creates a barrier or fence, so your property looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Protect Pavement

Did you know that a dumpster corral can help to reinforce the ground around the dumpster? When the corral is installed on your property, more concrete, cement, or asphalt is added to stabilize the structure. This reinforcement helps to prevent your pavement from cracking, as the weight of the dumpster and dump truck can cause damage. Also, grease and trash can damage pavement over time, as leakage from trash bags can seep into the pavement. With a dumpster corral designated to hold garbage in one place, your pavement will be better protected.

Dumpster Corrals From PTG

If you’re in need of a dumpster corral for your property, call PTG. We specialize in dumpster corrals, as communities are now required to have two- one for garbage and one for recycling. We even offer custom services, to make dumpster corrals that work with your specific parking lot and size constraints. Contact us today for a dumpster corral that works best for your commercial property!

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