Concrete Road Construction in Maryland

Do you know why most roads in Maryland are paved with asphalt over concrete? It’s not because asphalt is more durable. In fact, concrete is actually the more durable of the two pavements. So why asphalt? Like most things in life, it all comes down to price. Asphalt is a much cheaper option (Rising petroleum prices may change this soon). It is also easier to work with. Concrete road construction is a very labor-intensive task, even more so than asphalt road construction. Still, concrete has several benefits.

Benefits of Concrete Road Construction

  1. Concrete roads are incredibly durable and, because of this, have a long life expectancy (40+ years).
  2. Concrete roads tend to require fewer repairs. These roads are not easily damaged by leaking oils or extreme weather.
  3. Concrete roads are also more fuel efficient. In fact, when driving on a concrete road, consumes 15-20% less fuel than when it drives on an asphalt road. Wow!
  4. And More!

So if you are willing to pay a little extra, you will get a lot in return!

Concrete Road Construction

Concrete construction is a very in-depth process.

  1. Mix Design: First thing’s first: mix design. There are many variables to consider, such as cement type, aggregate size and type, amount of water, and mineral and chemical admixtures.  A bad mix design will always result in a poor road.
  2. Support: Unlike asphalt, concrete requires a support structure, typically rebar formed into a grid pattern.
  3. Workability: In order to prevent the concrete from hardening during transportation, it must be kept in constant motion. Hence, cement mixers.
  4. Consolidation: Once the concrete is in place, it should be consolidated to remove large air voids developed during placement. This process is also called compacting.
  5. Finishing: The surface must be smoothed to ensure proper texture.
  6. Cure: The concrete must be allowed to cure properly. This takes time.

Concrete Road Construction in Maryland

PTG Enterprises is a full service commercial pavement contractor in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Over the years, we have paved thousands of miles of asphalt and concrete surface: roads, parking lots, etc. If you have a commercial concrete project you need completed, pick up the phone and call PTG. You can expect a fair proposal, professionalism, and quality work. We have managed hundreds of pavement projects throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. Let us help you too.

Concrete Road Construction Maryland

Click Here to view images from our concrete road construction project at Tysons Galleria, an upscale three-level super-regional mall in McLean, Virginia.

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