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Maryland State Highway Administration Begins Work on Southbound I-81 Ramps

Friday, March 17th, 2017

On March 12th, the Maryland Highway Administration began construction on 17 southbound exit ramps on I-81. Improving the state of Maryland’s roads is a constant effort that requires time, money, and craftsmanship.

On March 12th, the Maryland Highway Administration began construction on 17 southbound exit ramps on I-81.  Improving the state of Maryland’s roads is a constant effort that requires time, money, and craftsmanship.  It also means staggering work days in order to make sure motorists do not run into overly heavy traffic during rush hour.  This delicate balance of construction and travel is what creates such interesting conditions for the SHA, which works to improve roads all over Maryland.  To learn more about this construction, read on.


PTG Enterprises sponsors the 2012 Law Enforcement Awards & Holiday Kick-Off

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

On December 14th in McLean, Virginia, the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP), an award-winning public-private nonprofit organization working to prevent drunk driving and underage drinking in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, held its 15th annual “Law Enforcement Awards of Excellence for Impaired Driving Prevention.” The event, sponsored in part by PTG Enterprises, awarded 11 Washington area police officers for their “outstanding commitment in the fight against drunk driving.” The 11 officers honored last Friday included:

  1. City of Alexandria Police Department Officer Brandon Smith
  2. Arlington County Police Department Officer Avery Carroll
  3. Fairfax County Police Department Officer Harold Morris
  4. Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Alexander Bracke
  5. Maryland State Police Trooper John W. Cabrera
  6. Metropolitan Police Department Officer Roderick Saunders
  7. Montgomery County Department of Police Officer John Romack
  8. Prince George’s County Police Department Corporal Christopher Lord
  9. Prince William County Police Department Officer Jeremy A. Schenck
  10. United States Park Police Officer Ronald Pisano
  11. Virginia State Police Senior Trooper Michael S. Middleton

“Today’s awardees represent the front lines in the fight against drunk driving in Greater Washington,” said Kurt Gregory Erickson, WRAP’s President. “It is only through their commitment in stopping the threat that impaired driving presents to all our friends and families that the Washington-metropolitan area continues to have a rate of alcohol-related traffic deaths lower than the national average.”

PTG would like to thank each and every police office for their dedicated work!

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Martin O’Malley’s wants to apply the Sales Tax to Gasoline and Diesel

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

There are only a few weeks remaining in Maryland’s General Assembly. And many issues are still unresolved, including Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s proposal to add the state’s 6% sales tax to both gasoline and diesel.

  • The current motor fuel excise tax of 23 cents/gallon for gasoline and 24.25 cents/gallon for diesel would remain intact.
  • The 6% sales tax would be phased in at 2% per year over three years.
  • The sales tax would be calculated based on the six month average cost of the lowest grade of gasoline and then applied to both gas and diesel.
  • The tax would be calculated after subtracting the current federal and state excise taxes.

As you can imagine, the governor’s proposal has been met with a lot of opposition, especially from members of the Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA) and the rest of the transportation industry.

How do you feel about O’Malley’s proposal? We want to know what you think!

Other issues still being debated that concern the transportation industry include:

  • Require mandatory off-loading of vehicles carrying perishable products if they exceed the gross vehicle weight limit by more than 5,000 lbs.
  • Permit Baltimore City to install height detectors to electronically enforce time-of-day restrictions on prohibited truck routes.
  • Authorize the Maryland State Police to adopt certain sections of Parts 385 and 386 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, governing new entrant carriers and carriers declared as imminent hazards.
  • Tighten the procedures for public hearings and notice requirements before the MD Transportation Authority approves a toll increase.
  • Prevent transfers of monies out of the Transportation Trust Fund.
  • Eliminate an outdated certification requirement for drivers carrying controlled hazardous substances.
  • Expand the sales tax to dozens of services, including motor vehicle repair and maintenance.
  • Make the state’s cell phone ban a primary offense.

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