Nearing the End of Sealcoat Season in Baltimore

Sealcoat BaltimoreAs summer quickly comes to an end and the weather begins to change, business owners and property managers are left with a small window of opportunity to protect their asphalt pavement from that harsh winter weather Baltimore is known for. We are talking about Sealcoating. It helps protect your pavement from the elements while also giving it a fresh new look and feel. However, sealcoat is finicky stuff and can only be applied when the conditions are just right. Sealcoat is basically the Goldilocks of the paving industry.

Sleacoating can only take place when both the ambient temperature and pavement temperature are above 50°F and below 85°F, and there is no rain (or snow) in the forecast, according to the Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC). These are the very specific conditions required to ensure proper curing and optimum performance. For these reasons, fall is typically considered the perfect sealcoating season.

“The best time to sealcoat is from daylight savings time to daylight savings time,” explains Patrick Gillen, owner of Baltimore-based PTG Enterprises, a full service commercial asphalt contractor.

Daylight savings time end on Sunday, November 1, 2015, meaning you have a very limited time to schedule your sealcoating project.

Still, there are several conditions during the fall season that could impact your sealcoat project:

  1. If there’s a chance of rain in the forecast, it’s better to reschedule the job rather than risking failure.
  2. While the temperature may be right, cloud cover and shade can dramatically affect the temperature in certain areas of your parking lot.
  3. Finally, there’s time. In order to ensure proper cure, you need maximum daylight. An early start gives the sealer ample time to dry come afternoon.

A Baltimore Sealcoat Contractor

PTG Enterprises is a full service commercial asphalt contractor in Baltimore, Maryland. Since 2001, we have set the standard for quality asphalt work and exception customer service. Our experienced crews use only the best commercial grade sealers and always follow “Best Practices” for application. You can be assured you are receiving a “Top-Notch” job with PTG.

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“Give me the opportunity to impress you,” says Gillen. “I can be your one stop ‘Pavement Guy,’ for any pavement project regardless of size or scope.”

When you hire PTG, you’ll work with owner Patrick Gillen from start to finish, from the initial site visit and pre-construction meeting to the final walk-through.

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