Why You Need to Crack Fill before Winter Hits Maryland

Crack FillWe may not have it as bad as some other states, but Maryland can have its fair share of very harsh winters.

If there is any damage to your pavement, you will want to crack fill before the snow and ice arrive. We can’t over-stress the importance of crack fill before the harsh realities of a Maryland winter set in.

Prevent Freeze Thaw Damage in Maryland

During the winter in Maryland, pavements are easily susceptible to the effects of free thaw. When water seeps into a crack in the asphalt, the water can freeze below the roadway. This causes the pavement to rise and can cause a lot of damage to vehicles. When the ice starts to thaw, the pavement lowers but causes a dip in the road. Your getting hit with a double whammy if you don’t get a crack fill before the winter!

Winter Damage to Pavements in Maryland

While a lot of issues occur during the winter, you don’t want to wait too long before getting a crack fill. Even in the fall, nights start to get cooler and cooler. You can’t predict when a fall night turns cold enough to freeze water, and you could have a problem with freeze thaw before December. Cracks in your pavement won’t magically go away, so you need to have a crack fill now before the temperature starts to drop.

Dealing with Crack Fills

The reality of winter in Maryland means that you may need several crack fills. You want to stay on top, however, because the longer you let the problems persist the more you may end up paying to fix the damage. This starts with fixing the initial problem now before winter can set in. Having a crack fill now actually means that you can save money down the road. If you’ve ever had issues with potholes or your pavement rising or dipping, you know how expensive fixing bigger issues can be. Your best bet for preparing for a winter in Maryland is to work with TG Enterprises.

A Baltimore Crack Filler

PTG Enterprises is a commercial concrete contractor in the Baltimore area. Our crews are extremely familiar with all types of concrete paving, so you know the job will look professional and last for years to come. Give us a call and let us help protect your pavement from Mother Nature.

If you have any questions Concrete Sealer, please contact PTG Enterprises today by calling 410-636-8777, or click here today! You can also check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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