Perpetual Asphalt: Asphalt for Performance

With perpetual pavements, asphalt pavements last longer. This means that your investment will last longer. And who doesn’t like a good investment?

Perpetual asphalt is constructed so that distress occurs on the top layer only, protecting the rest of the pavement. This means that the only rehabilitation required is the removal of the surface and resurfacing with an asphalt overlay. And with current pavement technologies, this only has to be done every 15 to 20 years.

Benefits of Perpetual Asphalt

Durability: Perpetual asphalt has an extremely long lifespan. These pavements require minimal maintenance and no full-depth reconstruction.

Rubblization: The concrete pavement is left in place, rubblized (fractured), and used as the base for a new Perpetual Pavement. This is beneficial for several reasons, including:

•      It is environmentally friendly

•      It saves money

•      It is incredibly fast to construct and rehabilitate

•      It cuts down on road repair time

Safety: Smooth asphalt roads give vehicle tires superior contact with the road.

Noise Reduction: Noise reductions of 3 to 10 dB(a) are common. Reducing noise by 3 dB(a) is about the same as doubling the distance from the road to the listener, or reducing traffic volume by 50 percent.

Fuel Efficiency: Studies at a pavement test track in Nevada have shown that driving on smoother surfaces can reduce fuel consumption by 4.5 percent.

Perpetual Pavement is the ultimate in sustainable design and construction.

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Asphalt for Performance

Performance Means Sustainability

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