How to Make Your Pavement Last Longer

Asphalt Patching: Cold Patch vs. Hot Mix

Pavement, as with anything, requires regular maintenance. Many people forget this, and their pavement cracks or erodes far before they’re prepared to replace it.

If frequently replacing your pavement is a hindrance in your life, you’ve come to the right place.  Pavement, as with anything, requires regular maintenance.  Many people forget this, and their pavement cracks or erodes far before they’re prepared to replace it.  To allow your pavement to last for ages, you should follow these tips.

Brush Away Debris


Leaves and rocks are unappealing.  But they can also cause severe problems for your pavement.  If there is one area of your parking lot that always has standing water and a pile of leaves, it’s going to cause your pavement to erode and deteriorate over time.  By regularly removing debris, you can prevent more standing water and keep your pavement safer from the elements.


Get Proper Drainage


Storm drains are an absolute must, with any kind of pavement.  Water does way more damage than you might think.  After all, pavement isn’t completely solid–water can leak down through cracks and very small pores, which can cause erosion over time.  It can also swell the ground, which leads to large cracks and imperfections that need immediate replacement.


Seal it!


Sealing pavement is crucial.  You need to seal your parking lot every 2-4 years.  Remember that debris we talked about?  Sealcoating is a way to prevent that from breaking down your pavement over time.  It’s basically a screen between your pavement and the elements.  Sealcoating is not done nearly as frequently as it should be.  But it’s not an option–it’s a necessity.


Call PTG Enterprises for all your pavement needs!


PTG stands out as an industry leader due to our methodology of pavement management planning: a systematic, long-term approach to managing and extending the life of your pavement.


We will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to extend and maximize the lifespan of your asphalt and concrete surfaces and care for all aspects of your grounds which keep them beautiful and dry, including storm drains.


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