Concrete vs. Asphalt

When it comes to pavement projects, there is an ongoing debate to which material is better to use; concrete or asphalt. To make the best decision for your project, ask yourself a few questions and then research to see which option would be best for you. Things to consider include:
1. Restrictions of material
2. Cost
3. Maintenance
4. Aesthetics
5. Climate

Concrete vs Asphalt


Let’s look at asphalt more closely. Asphalt typically lasts from 15 to 18 years, depending on maintenance and outstanding conditions. Asphalt tends to soften in high temperatures; however repairs can be made easily. As far as maintenance, asphalt needs resealing every 3 years minimum. Asphalt comes in mainly black and doesn’t have any finishing options with it, making customizing its look difficult. Asphalt can become damaged by oil and grease that drips onto the surface. Constant exposure to sunlight and moisture, such as rain, can cause asphalt to break down and eventually crack or ripple. Based on square feet, asphalt tends to be a little cheaper than concrete to install.


Now to give concrete some face time. When concrete is laid correctly, it has a life of about 30 to 40 years. It is considered more durable than asphalt overall, but can still crack when exposed to cold temperatures. Repairs to concrete are difficult to make, but do not to be made very often. Concrete can come in a number of different colors and has various finishing options. If substances such as grease or oil should come in contact with concrete, simply rinse them off with no damage done. Based on square feet, concrete can be a tad more expensive to install than asphalt depending on how large of an area you are paving.

PTG Enterprises

When it comes time to making the decision, there is never a black and white answer when faced with either concrete or asphalt. Let the specialists at PTG Enterprises help you make the decision for your paving project. We are trained in handling both materials and will be able to aid in the decision making based on the parameters of your project.
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