Baltimore Winter Concrete Pavement Do’s and Don’ts

Every business wants to be prepared when it comes to grounds maintenance during the cold Baltimore winter months. However, not all options available on today’s market for concrete pavement are good options. In fact, as covered in previous posts, there are many dos and don’ts of winter concrete maintenance. Using the right tools and having the proper knowledge are both very important for keeping your pavement in tip top shape until spring.baltimore-concrete-pavement-concrete-maintenance

Make sure to follow these steps when preparing and maintaining the concrete pavement around your business or company grounds, and cracks or other cement blemishes will be the least of your worries.

DO:  Fill Cracks BEFORE Freezes

Ever notice there are more potholes and concrete pavement issues during the winter? That’s because when moisture slips into cracks and freezes, it causes the concrete structure to become flimsy and unstable, resulting in damage. It’s extremely important to fill these cracks before weather becomes freezing, especially in the brutal cold Baltimore weather can bring.

Have a contractor inspect your pavement and fill any holes or cracks before winter has a chance to have its icy impact. Choose a company with years of experience to ensure cracks will be tightly sealed, without any possibility of moisture creeping in.

DON’T: Use De-Icing Chemicals. Period.

The risk of damage is just too great. De-Icing chemicals chemically alter concrete pavement, and will cause cracks. Those cracks you just had filled to prepare for winter? They can be easily re-split with the application of harsh de-icing chemicals. Although you have good intentions for applying de-icing chemicals to your commercial properties, it can greatly set back your winter concrete maintenance.

There are other ways to keep your concrete clear of ice and snow which won’t cause damage. Ask your contractor about preparing for ice this winter in Baltimore.

DO: Keep Lots Plowed, and Sidewalks Clear

With many snow days expected ahead of us, the best thing you can do for maintaining your concrete pavement is keeping it clear of snow and ice. Yes, even when there is only a little ice or snow. If there are any faults in your concrete pavement, that little bit of ice or snow will find its way in, and cause cracks and other damage.

With larger snowstorms, make sure the lots and sidewalks are being cleared regularly to avoid pileup of snow and ice. Keeping commercial lots clear is not only important for concrete maintenance, but also safety of others.

DO: Hire an Experienced, Top-Rated Contractor

PTG Enterprises is a commercial concrete contractor in the Baltimore area. Our crews have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to keep your concrete pavement up to the task of handling rough winter weather.

If you have any questions about winter concrete maintenance in Baltimore, please contact PTG Enterprises today by calling 410-636-8777, or click here today!

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