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The mill and pave method is a great way to repair your asphalt.

Pavements can take a beating, but even the best asphalt won’t last forever. Time, weather, and use will deteriorate your pavement but you have options to restore it. Today we’re going to be talking about mill and pave projects. This is one of the best options for people who have a large surface area to repair as well as those who enjoy an environmentally conscious option for their pavement repair. So, would you like to learn more about mill and pave projects? Well, here we go!

What is a mill and pave?

When you mill the asphalt, you’re basically taking a large layer and grinding it into gravel. Once the old asphalt is removed and ground up, a new layer is placed. This allows for the weathered portion of the asphalt to be recycled and your pavement will look like new again.

Why should you use the mill and pave method?

The first reason you should use this method is, as stated previously, its ecofriendly. Any time you can use recycled material on your paving projects you are helping the earth stay healthy. The second reason you should invest in milling and paving is because it’s exceptionally cost effective. The cost of recycling materials is much less than investing in completely new ones. When you need to repave a whole parking lot, every little bit of savings will count for a lot.

When can you use the mill and pave method?

The best time to use the mill and pave method is when you have a large surface area with mid to light damage, such as a parking lot. If there is only damage in one area, then you may want to go with a more specific repair method. Consulting a professional can help you determine the best repair method for your asphalt.

 Mill and Pave Projects in Baltimore, Maryland

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