What Is Asphalt Seal Coating?

Sealcoat Baltimore

Sealcoating is a crucial set in proper asphalt maintenance.

Seal coating is a true barrier between asphalt surfaces and the destructive elements. The term “seal coating” means keeping the redeeming properties of asphalt sealed in to prolong the pavement life and preserve its functional properties. The primary reason to sealcoat an asphalt pavement is to protect the pavement from the deteriorating effects of sun and water. When asphalt pavement is exposed to sun, wind and water, the asphalt hardens, or oxidizes. This causes the pavement to become more brittle. As a result, the pavement will crack because it is unable to bend and flex when exposed to traffic and temperature changes.

Increased Surface Friction

A major benefit of seal coating is an increase in the surface friction it provides. This is accomplished by the additional texture the cover aggregate adds to the pavement. With time, traffic begins to wear the fine material from an asphalt pavement surface. This results in a condition referred to as raveling. When enough of the fine material is worn off the pavement surface, traffic is driving mostly on the course aggregate. As these aggregate particles begin to become smooth and polished, the roadway may become slippery, making it difficult to stop quickly. A seal coat increases the pavement texture and increases the surface friction properties.

Is Asphalt Seal coating Worth It?

By applying asphalt sealer to sound pavements, constructed with proper designs and materials that meet the climate and usage requirements of the pavement and are properly constructed over a sound and well-drained base, you’re making an investment in the future life of the asphalt pavement. When the sealer is applied over anything less, any cracks that will occur will be magnified by the sealer’s uniform textured appearance. Asphalt pavements should be on a consistent maintenance program so that you can get in front of the natural wear and tear progress and not let seal coating expose damage, as its purpose is to conceal damage!

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