What Can Smooth Asphalt Do For You?

Potholes can be hazardous and expensive. Smooth asphalt prevents them!

Potholes can be hazardous and expensive. Smooth asphalt prevents them!


We all know that driving on smooth, flat asphalt pavement just feels safer and more enjoyable on our vehicles. Driving down a bumpy stretch of potholes can be a cause for worry, stress and frustration – especially for those living in economically depressed areas and likely handle this terrain regularly. Aside from the obvious preferred look of smooth asphalt, there are many other benefits to implementing this pavement on those bumpy, pothole-prone roads or business/residential parking lots.


Fuel Economy Boost

Smooth pavement lowers friction and resistance to the tires driving on top of it. Because of this, drivers can save more fuel. Studies show that fuel efficiency increases by 5% on smooth types of asphalt, meaning drivers save more on fuel from driving on smooth pavement than they do from performing routine maintenance like tire pressure, rotation and alignment.



Smooth roads last longer. When pavement is smooth, it extends its life by 10%. Paved roads take a beating day in and day out. Factors are average wear and tear from the traffic of healthy tires to worsened wear and tear from damaged tires, weather and car accidents. Smooth asphalt is able to distribute the weight of vehicles more evenly, resulting in less “weak” areas that are susceptible to pothole and damage. The smoother and more durable the asphalt, the less likely it is to develop stress cracking that could allow water and ice melt chemicals to build up below the surface.


Better For Your Vehicle

Smooth asphalt holds some clear advantages when it comes to the safety and enjoyment of your driving experience. Severe potholes can not only cause your tire to pop, but can cause rim damage and other more expensive repairs. Sometimes drivers can report pothole damage to their government, homeowner’s association or business in hopes of transferring the liability or getting the hole filled. Poorly maintained asphalt can also diminish an otherwise safe driver’s ability to react to certain circumstances on the road, resulting in injury.



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